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Jo’s Tidbits: SaddleBrooke DIY Mudroom

A Safety Zone for Your Home


With the arrival of Covid-19, our lives are changing whether we want them to or not. Home entertaining is still not a viable option but, soon, if we continue to practice safe distancing and obey the CDC guidelines, our prior lifestyle will once again flourish. 

In the meantime, why not work on some creative ways of making your home as germ-free as possible by creating your own version of a mudroom. If you do not have a separate entryway, create a small area near your front door where guests can sit to remove their shoes, keep some extra socks in a basket they can wear while visiting, and place a bottle of hand sanitizer close by.

In our modest Villa, it is not possible to create a barrier zone from the garage to the house. Instead, to prevent germs from contaminating our living space, we remove our shoes before entering, keeping a boot tray close to the entry door. Should we be out shopping in close quarters, we keep a clean set of loungewear in our nearby laundry room to change into.

While we don’t have a formal entryway, we did enclose the outside entry and have a bench for taking our shoes on and off and have stocked it with the above-mentioned items which are not just for visitors, but for our safety as well. 

Add a couple of hooks for hats, jackets, dog leashes, etc. and turn this space into a warm and welcoming part of your home. Both you and your guests will be glad you did…

It does not have to look sterile to ward off the germs, make it special… add some color and a quirky picture or some plants to give your safe entry zone warmth and character.

Most of all, enjoy the project and stay safe!!


As published in SaddleBag Notes May 29, 2020 by Jo Parsons, Real Estate Concierge with the Make Your Move Matter Team

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