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Spring Landscaping

How’s your landscape looking?  

March is the perfect time of year to start trimming back the winter frazzled plants, uprooting those that didn’t make it through late frost and foraging ahead with the beauty of spring.

Winter is hardest on Lantana, that beautiful low height shrub with hues of lavender, yellow and my favorite the red multi-color variety.  These wonderful plants provide color throughout the spring well into December.  Right now, they look ugly and unkempt.  Trim them back to ground height and allow new growth to flourish in the coming months.  

Oleander shrubs usually take a hard hit to the tips and will need to be trimmed back to new growth.  This plant can take over a space if not kept at bay.  It is great for privacy but keep in mind the roots can be very invasive and lift sidewalks, patios, even driveways.  The petite variety is more manageable and best if hand trimmed rather that hedge sheared.

When cleaning your yard, keep in mind the amount of space you have and don’t overdo an area.  Remember, less can be more if the right choices are made.

Drive through the community and check out what others are doing in their yards.  Are they too sparse for you?  Too dense?  Take pictures and review them once you get home to visualize how that landscape could work for you.  

Once you have focused on a favorite, visit our many nurseries with pictures in hand and speak with a qualified assistant who can give you advice on when to plant, fertilize and water your new additions.  They will also offer advise on keeping them fresh looking throughout the seasons.

Of course, if you prefer potted plants over in ground, there are wonderful choices in color, texture and design with minimum upkeep and many rewards.  With pots, you can change up throughout the seasons making them a focal point every day.

When the work is done, take time to invite friends over for a cocktail, show off your hard work and then partake of a fun filled evening with reservations at one of our great restaurants.

Spring is just around the corner so get out there, get that yard work done and be ready to enjoy the many attractions Tucson has to offer knowing you have one of the prettiest yards in SaddleBrooke!!





As published in SaddleBag Notes March 2020 by Beth Fedor, REALTOR

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