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Jo’s Tidbits: Thinking of Selling and Stuck at Home?

I know this has been tough times for all of us in SaddleBrooke and most of you are probably wondering when is it ever going to end?  When will life go back to “normal”?

Instead of thinking on the downside, look to the bright side!  What a perfect time to do some Spring House Cleaning.

Some may be tossing around the idea of downsizing, others upsizing and some selling to move closer to family.  Whatever the reason, let’s put this time to good use.  Turn off the T.V., get off that comfy sofa and immerse yourself in what you can do, not what you can’t.

Tired of looking at the same pictures and knick knacks spread throughout your house?  Take them down, dust them off and place them in different rooms or shelves.  A picture does not have to hang on a wall, it can be nestled among your treasures on a shelf adding a new focal point to that area.

Are your paint colors a little outdated?  Change them with a fresh new palette.  Many contractors are in a slump right now and just wishing for work.  It’s a good time to hire one of them.  Interview properly and give them an idea of what you are looking for, most carry a sample of paint colors and can do the leg work for you.  Ask what is current, check out HGTV shows and see how different colors work together, put your creative side into action and make your home feel new again.  If not for you, then for the next potential owner…

We’ve been through negative slumps before and our market has hit many ups and downs, but it always manages to turn around and if you are planning a move this year, you need to be ready for the next upswing.   

Buyers don’t want to purchase your memories; they want to purchase a new home that shines with fresh paint, updated appliances, good quality window treatments, functioning AC/Heat Units, garage storage, a sparkling kitchen and baths, and an outdoor living area that feels like an extension of the home.

While waiting for the right opportunity, get your home inspected to avoid any unknown surprises so that you are one step ahead of other listings in the area.  Make sure your roof is inspected by a qualified company.  Now is not the time to take shortcuts…always hire a licensed, bonded and insured contractor.  Ask for his ROC #, check him out on the Registrar of Contractors website and ask for references.

The same goes for finding a Realtor.  Don’t just rely on one interview or company.  Make Your Move Matter by seeing what each has to offer.  Do they promote by front yard and local advertising only or do they reach out to potential buyers in other states?  Do they hire a professional photographer, drone videographer, and offer virtual tours for interested buyers who can’t presently travel?  Make a list of the questions you would like answered and follow that check list with each one.  This gives you the best opportunity to make an educated choice.

Most importantly, put this time to good use, stay focused and keep a positive outlook…tomorrow will be a better day…


As published in SaddleBag Notes May 2020 by Jo Parsons, Real Estate Concierge with the Make Your Move Matter Team

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